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The India Experience

Life moves at a hectic pace these days. We’re bombarded with information, deadlines and stresses, when all we’d like to do is take some time out to replenish ourselves

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Theology and Religious Study

India is a vast subcontinent that is made even more vast by the sheer diversity of its coexisting cultures.To experience the true depth of this country would take a lifetime.

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Film and Media Studies

Based in the national capital region of the country you’ll be working with an award-winning institute in Film and Medial Studies.

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Networking and International Trade

Our activities include but are not limited to International partnerships for Universities, institutes and businesses.

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Conservation of Environment & Biodiversity

Award winning Non-Profit Organization working in Rajasthan and located in Sawai Madhopur district, the famous Ranthambore Tiger Project

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Rejuvenation for Senior Citizen

An Indian Odyssey for Rejuvenating body, mind and soul and, exploring and experiencing its history, philosophy, culture, ways of life India has a lot to give to the world.

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About us

  • Networking and International Trade
  • Design your own program
  • Learn Hindi
  • Research opportunities in India
  • If you are a school or group of individuals, we have special discounts for you
  • Internships available in Robotics, Engineering, Law, Management, Pharmacy and Applied Sciences

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