A lifetime opportunity to study in India

India is gaining a momentum and emerging as a powerhouse on a global platform. There is so much to learn and do in India. And to make sure that you get the best of facilities and opportunities to interact with the real India, we at ISLAP bring you great programs especially customized to suit your needs.

If you have an interest in the field of Film and Media, then you can get enrolled in a Film school located in the film studios with its in-house production company.  Our program is fully comprised of lectures, one to one discussions, history and criticism of the film, media studies, onsite training and finally doing independent projects based on the capabilities and interest of each individual. Participants will be exposed to all the aspects of film and media which broadly includes production & post-production, direction, film & video editing, sound recording, camera & lighting techniques, acting & presentation etc and all that on the world class latest technology equipment.

Similarly, if you have an interest in biodiversity, then we make sure to give you a trip to Ranthambore and there you can gain comprehensive knowledge about the eco-system. You can learn all about the biodiversity and need for conservation of our habitat. Broadly, it will involve exposure visits to different project sites, and students could get involved in interaction with the project staff, program partners, and the village community.  Hands-on learning with the project team.  Students who are planning to stay long term will get an opportunity to develop a report or case study based on their area of interest on the specific program and activities of the organization.

If you’re a wanderer and have wanderlust then India is a perfect destination for you. You will be fully supported and guided at each and every step of the way through your Indian Experience; experiencing the real India as you only can from an insider’s point of view. Enthusiastic and attentive hosts will show you around, our own patch of this fascinating and complex country, making sure that you are happy and have everything you need – drawing on our own connections and local know-how gained from our years spent accommodating visitors, both students, and travelers.

Students who are more into religious background have a golden opportunity to learn ancient verses of rich Indian texts like-Vedas, Gita, Upanishads etc. which is enlightening, and leads them a path of embodiment and salvation. Participants will be educated about the Yoga and its origin, history of Indian medical science; about Ayurveda, Allopathy, Naturopathy and several other deep sciences. The participants would also be able to interact with temple priests and prominent figures in the premises and they will try to pacify their minds. Their queries will be well answered and they will receive the appropriate teachings.

For more please call :  9810144034  or E-mail: info@ilsap.org

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