The basic foundation for ILSAP started with a simple idea, knowledge has a beginning but no real end. The exchange of ideas, the sharing of information and the experience that comes from intercultural dialogue is invaluable in the information age.

With this vision of a world where the free flow of information across continents in tow, Mr. Sudarshan Pandey started Integrated Learning and Study Abroad Programs in the multicultural hotspot that is New Delhi, India.

The idea has never wavered and everything that has been done since then, has been in service to this cause. At ILSAP, we now offer a wide-range of activities that allow all participants to get a comprehensive and ultimately personal view of India. The programs are run with unmatched service standards, high levels of expertise and a balanced perspective making them unique experiences that stay etched in the memory forever.

We also specialize in Study abroad programs, which are formal arrangements between educational institutions and ILSAP that we set up wherein we provide logistical support, student services, classrooms, housing facilities and cultural activities at a location abroad. This enables institutions to conduct their own academic programs abroad at reasonable prices.

At ILSAP, we want to showcase India and all its many flavours and cultures to the world and to that end, we have made it our mission to make the country and its many mysteries accessible to those that find their souls wandering, searching for a higher purpose or simply searching for knowledge beyond classrooms and universities.

The man behind the curtain, Mr. Sudarshan Pandey

With almost two decades of dedication and experience behind him, from working with professional groups, students and interns from the United States and United Kingdom.
Mr. Pandey brings a unique perspective and a plethora of industry skills to the field. The experience alongside his broad, cross-cultural and cross-sector network, both from working and living in India and abroad have given him an almost omniscient understanding of the differences, similarities and the aligned tastes and interests of both cultures. Also, he has a successful track record of designing, building and delivering effective and engaging cross-cultural programs from scratch.

His master’s in International Business paired with extensive experience of living and working abroad both in the USA and UK, alongside his travel exposure bolsters his qualifications further. A pioneer in the field, Mr. Pandey is recognized for his energy, agility, on the fly adaptability and for his unparalleled ability to create and maintain outstanding teams that emphasize on enhancing educational activities for study abroad programs.

His wandering soul that started out as a pilot and became the first third generation commercial pilot when he obtained his licence in USA. After many years of flying all over and fulfilling his and family’s dream who are all pilots. He wanted to do more and was not satiated with just travelling the globe so he pursued his dream of sharing his love of travelling with the world by applying his vast knowledge of many countries and his understanding of local cultures and customs to bring India to the world.

Alongside his corporate ambitions, Mr. Pandey is also a philanthropic soul and the work that he has done in that arena for various Non-Profits is what he is most proud of. He also realized that his corporate endeavours could bring great benefit to his philanthropic ones. He realized that being given the opportunity to serve the underprivileged often motivated the people involved with the work on the ground, especially when they interacted with International groups who come from far to see and learn from them.