Experiencing the Domain of India and Getting Acquainted With It’s Cultural Heritage

Being stuck up between your apartment and school for days and months, following the same routine for over and over, getting stressed out and living in deep agony. Are you looking to wind up? Then, my friend, it’s the time now. You need to get out of that routine life of yours and it’s time to step outside in the real world, where your wanderlust feeling is going to fill you up with the excitement and pleasure. You can feel your blood pumping and onrushing adrenaline, which is right now on the brink. It takes one decision to experience the astounding Indian culture with no bar.

ILSAP is here to fulfill your every wish and we will certainly give you the experience of a life time, with close encounters to the Indian culture; so close that you’ll find yourself one with it. This is not a package tour, as such. You’ll be seeing India in action, and taking part yourself. You’ll learn the fundamentals of doing business in this thriving, modern economy alongside local students in one of the many business colleges. You’ll be glad to be engaged in the social enterprise, working within an organization helping India’s disadvantaged at the end you’ll end up in a Hindu ashram, a golden opportunity to explore more about the Indian culture.

Three things which will bring you closer in experiencing India

  • Soaking the Aroma of both food and cultural heritage in Vicinity

We take you to the corridors of Delhi, where you can taste the savory of hot curries. Besides local trips in and around Delhi, we will take you to experience places of outstanding beauty and cultural significance. You can learn all about the famous ancient monuments which are all over the city holding a great account of their own history and dying to tell their tale.

  • Going there- Where the World’s Wonder reside

After giving you a tour of the capital of India, we’ll take a detour and bring you to the famous city of Agra to see the famous Taj Mahal. Built and completed in 1628 by thousands of workers is surely apiece of art and is given the status of cultural heritage site by UNESCO. The shiny white marble is its main attraction which was imported from the far wide country.

  • Temple Run

You will be visiting the holy cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh located on the bankson the River Ganges.  Visiting these areas certainly gives comfort to mind and soul and also there are so many things to learn about the Indian culture. The place is occupied by various temples and monuments. Finally, in Rishikesh you’ll get a spend couple of days in an ‘Ashram’ – a Hindu Hermitage – where you’ll get the chance to relax, breathe out the bustle and activity of the fast pacedweeks and just soak up the exquisite serenity, reflecting quietly on your experiences and preparing yourself to take on the rest of your life, with confidence and purpose.

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