In The Glades They Stand Waiting

The Indian subcontinent is overflowing with unending varieties of fauna. With more than 400 mammal species India is one of only seventeen megadiverse countries on the face of the earth. From the marshes of the Sunderban delta to the sprawling fields of the Gir forest in Gujrat, wildlife is a focus for the people of India and as such it is important to think about the conservation of environment and biodiversity in such lush regions, for they are home to some of the truly unique and breath-taking beasts to ever walk the face of the earth.

The Ranthambore Tiger Project is one of these programs, a way to preserve the beauty and the majesty of the royal Bengal tiger, the striped beast that navigates through the thickest of forests and is now considered an endangered species due to excessive hunting over the course of history and continued poaching. With just over 2200 individuals left in India and only about 3000 left in total, the Bengal tiger needs our help.

With the Ranthambore Tiger Project, through ILSAP we can help you get in touch with the conservationist within you and allow you to help keep this truly magnificent animal around for centuries and millennia to come.

It is also important to preserve and perhaps improve the habitats these animals live in and with ILSAP you can also learn valuable lessons about the many programs which are in play to help do just that. The program will also allow you visit various different project sites and interact with the people on the ground who do this as a way of life and need all the support they can get to save the environment.

The innate beauty of the land is mystifying and that in itself is a spectacle to behold, add to that the wonder and adventure that these seemingly mythical beasts add to the setting, and you get a world worth experiencing. A world that reminds us of the visually stupefying nature of India, a place where you can visit the mountains, see the vast glaciers that provide sustenance to the land, wander into deserts, where time seems to stand still and go through rainforests so lush and vibrant, that they might well overcome your senses.

Conservation of environment and biodiversity are chief concerns when it comes to modern living and in a land that is as rich in flora and fauna as India, it is of paramount importance to focus on preserving the identity of the land and here at ILSAP we do just that and with your help we can do even more. So join us on our quest and help the wonders of this land bring wonders into your life.

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