The India Experience

India, a land as multi-cultural and ethnically diverse as there are colours in the sky. Every state, every city, every street and every corner is dripping with experiences that will take your breath away. A phenomenal land with a welcoming people, India overwhelms the senses like no other destination. It offers a myriad of experiences that can alter the way you think, change the way you look at yourself and can inspire you to brilliance in a world that more than ever needs some fresh perspective.

Most people struggle when they take this epic journey and find themselves wandering aimlessly through streets that look nothing like home and though there is a beauty in that, India can offer so much more when you know where to look. The India experience from ILSAP is a flashlight that will be your guide as you look to delve into the colourful and rich depth of this radiant land. In 28 days, you will experience India and all its many flavours and it’s plethora of delights.

We know India, we know the places you need to visit to understand the rich history of the land and the monuments you need to see to immortalise these celebrated chapters of India’s glorious history in your hearts. We know the cultures you need to experience and the flavours you need to sample to remember the rich aromas and the fragrant festivities of this delightful country. Our only hope is that this experience and its cultural impact will stay with you and will give you something to remember India by and further, inspire you to form lasting bonds, with the Indian people, who are among the most welcoming in the world.

We believe in the capacity of love that India has shown to the world over the course of its history and we would like to help you experience the same. Our support staff is filled with experienced travellers and wandering souls that have made the journey to achieve a thorough understanding of the land and its riches and they have made it their life’s work to introduce people to this beauty.  We promise the highest of standards when it comes to service and will manage your India experience from touchdown till take-off and make sure that we deliver a life changing journey.

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