Business in India – Your virtual office in India

Our activities include but are not limited to International partnerships for Universities, institutes and businesses. We can be your virtual office for all your networking needs in India to provide in-country services.

We at ILSAP will give you an insight into what drives the rising economy of the East: India – One of the fastest growing markets in the world. A firsthand look at the dynamic business model that is the Indian corporate scenario, depicting, for the global manager, the complete profile of the face of Indian business and its impact on world economy.

We provide networking solutions to the individuals, small and medium Enterprises (SMEs) in India & Abroad. We conceptualize and implement the overall developmental strategy for our partners. We also work with International Universities to identify partners in India for joint programs and related activities like semester and study abroad, faculty exchange, research.

Mr. Sudarshan Pandey, Founder Director – ILSAP India successfully completed a “Internationalisation of Clusters” SME Cluster Development Project between UK and Indian companies giving them an opportunity and a platform for B2B, Knowledge transfers for optimum growth and quality assurances as per international standards. This project was initiated by University Essex-Southend from UK and jointly funded by European Union. Though the project is complete but we still have continued to organize the B2B’s and other activities like Management Development Programs, Skill Development, and Entrepreneurship development, also training programs that would help the industry.

ILSAP has been instrumental in creating an industry and Institutional partnership. We work with a panel of senior and experienced personnel’s for doing any type of Research & Development for the industry and academics. From the contacts we have built up over the years and our resources we provide platform for networking for the industry or individual’s requirements. We provide the following services: B2Bs & Institutional partnerships, linkages of business enterprises, outsourcing of products, linkages of enterprises with vendors, linkages of enterprises with institutions, management development programs, entrepreneurship programs, skill developments and various training programs.

We can be your virtual office and provide our services for the following

  • Development of Linkages
  • Linkage of enterprises with one another
  • Linkage of enterprises with their vendors/suppliers
  • Linkage of enterprises and vendors with support
  • Cost reduction
  • Expansion of the markets
  • Increased exports
  • Sharing of best practices
  • Innovation and quality

Importance of role of ILSAP can be summarised as managing

  • Effective use of resources, and act as a facilitator.
  • Sustaining the partnership that supports the program.
  • Ensuring that the learning is captured by the other partners
  • Providing an administrative service to the project.
  • Liaise with local government, institutions, trade agencies regional bodies or any organization relevant to the work.
  • Organize regular meetings with the stakeholders and partners.
  • Assist in the self-analysis/skills, audit for the respondents who are to participate.