The land of the great saints calls to those who need a purpose, it calls to those who want to get in touch with their inner self. With ILSAP you can begin a new journey in your life and visit India, a multicultural hotpot of the most intense and colourful cultures in the world and a prime spiritual destination for travellers far and wide. The land is restless and yet it is peaceful, it is modern and yet rooted in tradition and it is vibrant and yet values humility and peace over all things. It is a taxing lifestyle that most people lead in modern society and after a long journey during which you have surely been faced with the adversities and difficulties of 21’st century living, it can be therapeutic to take some time off and visit one of the great spiritual centres of the world, in order to find balance within yourself and to get in touch with your inner soul.

India is the land of Ayurveda and Naturopathy among many other natural ways of healing and rejuvenating the body. For millennia, the people of the subcontinent have developed time tested techniques to alleviate the many distresses our daily lives place on our bodies. Cleansing and healing our bodies and souls is a crucial step in achieving Moksha and with ILSAP you can be sure that your body will be well taken care of and with the help of Ayurvedic therapies and massages, your mind, body and soul will be at ease.

India as a country has great historic significance, while it is undoubtedly and wildly diverse, it uses the many cultures and many peoples in it to create a beautiful amalgamation of a vibrant lifestyle that includes many forms of music, dance, architecture, drama, fashion and art. It celebrates life in all shades. There is a ton to explore, experience and eventually take home wonderful memories from.

The country’s civic society is built on a great philosophy. There is a lot to be learned from what founding fathers of social-religious system, because even with all the diversity, Indian society functions with a togetherness that is seldom seen in the world and there are of course lessons in that.

There is a lot to see and even more to learn when it comes to India. A peak into all the shades of life in a truly multicultural spiritual juggernaut, can give one a unique perspective on life and can open one’s eyes to the benefits one can draw from a culture that’s entirely different and yet operates on similar ideals of human social contracts and understanding. The proposed program is an innovative model that not only provides innumerable benefitsfor themind, body and the soul but also provides incredible opportunities to learn and experience India’s history, culture and philosophy.

Learning Objectives

  • Rejuvenation of body, mind and soul through a combination of meditation, yoga, Ayurveda, Naturopathy therapies and processes. Also, learn and take home the secrets.

  • Learn about the Indian philosophy in discussion sessions with enlightened thinkers.

  • Learn about Indian culture, values, way of life, music, and dance through discussion sessions with experts, participating in social and cultural events in community and, by spending time with ethnic families.

  • Learn about contemporary India, development challenges, health and sanitation, gender etc. through dialogue sessions with subject specialists.Learn about contemporary India, development challenges, health and sanitation, gender etc. through dialogue sessions with subject specialists.

  • Explore India, its historical past through site visits to some of great tourist destinations like Agra and Jaipur.

Program cost includes

  • Pre-departure orientation material
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • In-country orientation and related material
  • In-country support staff
  • Housing on sharing basis with traditional vegetarian Indian breakfast and dinner
  • Mobile Phone
  • Transportation to Agra and Jaipur
  • Monument entry fee in Agra and Jaipur
  • Transportation to Rishikesh

Program cost does not include

  • Air ticket, visa fee and travel insurance
  • Weekend trips and any activities in free time
  • Personal expenses, tips of any nature, shopping, mineral water, lunch
  • Any other expenses that are not included in the list above