The smell of the fields hangs thick in the air and the sweet winter breeze gently caresses the skin as the winter harvest comes to fruition in the ever welcoming lands of the subcontinent. The lands of India stand ready once again to welcome a new year and with it new opportunities for the people who find themselves drawn to the unending adventures that lie across the seas and over the mountains. Some among us are born with a will and a belief to heal the world and help those who find themselves in need, even when obstacles find in our way. Some overcome absurd odds to take on the impossible, going above and beyond human expectations to make the world a better place, and find themselves in the process. To these precious and dauntless few, India beckons. A country burgeoning with life, love and spiritual satisfaction. A land with no limits and land that could help you surpass yours. So, take the opportunity and Volunteer in India, find meaning in helping those in need, find joy in the faces of those that have so little and find wonder in the land that knows no bounds and maybe, just maybe find what truly matters most, yourself in all that you could be.

At the core of our mission here at ILSAP is our burning desire to help those that seek to improve themselves, because self-improvement we believe is one of the fundamental joys of living and an invaluable building block of a peaceful and accepting society. Volunteering in India will give you the opportunity to observe and influence the lives of people who have little to give but their love for the world and their genuine affection towards those that bring them even the most fleeting moments of joy. It will help you make a positive impact on the grassroots level in peoples lives and change the way you see the world on a daily basis in your own life.

The true beauty of humanity is not the great things we do, it is that we do small things with great love and this love is what binds us and helps us affect real change one life at a time. The Saint, Mother Teresa lived by those words and with every life she changed and every soul she saved, she moved closer to divinity. It falls on us then, to help those that need saving and make a difference where we can and the Volunteer in India program gives you the opportunity to do just that.

The land of eternal color and its effervescent winds awaits, start your journey to India with the Volunteer in India program and discover the cultural bouquet of the Indian subcontinent and maybe along the way you might just find something better, something that helps you find yourself.

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