Why Choose ILSAP to study about Conservation of Environment and Biodiversity in India

If you’re looking to have some understanding of conservation of environment and biodiversity in India then here is the answer – ILSAP is here to guide you all the way to the doorstep of nature and will certainly help you get more and more acquainted with this terrific and flabbergasting atmosphere of Indian habitat. Honestly, there is so much for the travelers and interns to know and learn about the Indian biodiversity. Needless to saythat India boasts of its rich diversity of both flora and fauna which reside in the forests of the country and one of the pinnacle conservation in the country is Ranthambore, which is located in the state of Rajasthan and is known to be the home the Great Indian Tiger, Great Indian Bustard, Impalas and the sacred Blackbucks. With so much rare ones at a single place is certainly a blessing in the disguise for the travelers.

The Award-winning Non-Profit Organization, operating Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan, is famous for the conservation work they are doing in the area. The program gives chance to the interns, volunteers and travelers to study and know more about the Environment. Through this, the visitors will get a lot of exposure to means and ways used for the conservation of environment including the alternative energy sources such as biogas, an artificial insemination program to improve the quality of cattle and reduce their numbers is now underway.  The organization also provides state of the art health and medical care and also provides education services in the rural areas.

ILSAP performs several tasks for its destined guests who have traveled from far and wide just to study more about Indian biodiversity and the elevated programs which are in action regarding the Conservation of Environment. We also do offer several tasks involving more active work at ground level. In last few years, this non-profit has planted around 80,000 saplings all across the Ranthambore forest and have earned a great amount of fortitude. Protecting wildlife is their topmost priority which involves respecting the habitat of the animals and acting at their comfort, which involves not disturbing or creating any sort of hassle which might disrupt the decorum. We also hold several sessions in order to educate about the utmost importance of animals in our ecosystem.

Our program focuses on the following areas of:

Protection of Wildlife

Wildlife Studies in India

Conservation of environment, flora and fauna, biodiversity

Providing state of art, health and medical care in the rural areas

Promoting eco-tourism

 With all these programs at disposal, we certainly hold all the threads for a wonderful experience of Ranthambore. Through these elevated projects the visitorswould find them much closer to the habitat and would feel rather more comfortable and certainly would gain a lot of knowledge from these encounters.


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